Musical Chairs or How I went to the Bank

Going to the bank in Costa Rica could be an often frustrating experience.
First of all, we have the big lines (see below)... followed by the sometimes hell-hot bank (many times, the AC doesn't work), and the fact that there are 15 bank teller windows and maybe just 3 tellers working.


I wish that Costa Rican banks would have kept the traditional stand-up lines that people have been doing for millenia, but instead they decided to implement a new system that instead of innovating fails miserably.

I understand the fact of the bank wanting clients to feel comfortable, but having them sit down and then moving them every minute or so, like a game of musical chairs, it's ridiculous! Just when I'm starting to feel comfortable, BANG!, move to the next chair... Why? I ask - I have no idea... but here's a little advice to the bank: If the innovation is worst than the problem, then it's not innovation and therefore, it should not be implemented.


Coming to think of it, and with all the chairs in the way, what would happen if there were a natural disaster, wouldn't the chairs prove a threat and obstacle for those wanting to exit the building or look for the safe zones...?

Maybe not... I guess that I'm just overwhelmed and frustrated about the bank experience, thier stupidity, inefficiency and lack of planning.

From now on, I'll be doing Internet Banking, thankyouverymuch!


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