Reality TV and Trash TV

Reality television is an approach in television programming where one touches base on a wide variety of real-life documented situations which maybe sentimental, humorous and sometimes out-of-the ordinary. These are shows that relate to daily living, games, beauty contests, singing competitions and other issues that could arouse interest from the viewing public. Relatively, they started when tv media was only in its infant years. These shows still form part of television today as a way to boost profitability and to increase their popularity. Shows worth citing are Survivor, Big Brother, Oprah, The Fear Factor and Who Wants To Be A millionaire, just to name a few.

With the internet boom, more and more people are turning to their computers to watch and hear the latest news about their favorite characters, actors and stars who have somehow made their presence more felt in such social networking sites like Facebook and Tweeter. It’s pretty amazing how people practically from all walks of life have been greatly influenced by what goes on in reality television.

Take the case of Paris Hilton. She is probably one, if not, the most popular star gracing covers of magazines and the internet as she continues to be prime catch for the hounding paparrazi. Well, for most of us, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Paris Hilton, a socialite and an heiress, hails from an elite family running the prestigious Hilton chain of hotels. She became all the more famous when she went into the movies and showed her prowess in the acting arena. However, while she has been quite successful in modeling and acting, that attractive, crowd-pleaser, brainy-girl image she exudes got tainted with some incidents involving legal issues, not to mention her romantic and sexual exploits with some men. To people who hold traditional views, this maybe true, but it leaves one to wonder why her popularity ranking continues to rise.

Currently, television has ushered in what is called as “trash tv.” These are shows that don’t give weight to lessons and real values of humanity. They deal with issues about sex, extramarital affairs, prostitution, popular culture, youth rebellion and all other issues which have somehow, lost deep regard for both social and religious values.

As the human race has evolved through time, it should be an important reminder, that at the heart of who we are and what we have become, intrinsic human values should always be the focal point of a moral society. While it is hard to distinguish the line between “reality tv” and “trash tv” nowadays, watching television shows is an intelligent choice only an individual alone can make.

Tiger Woods, Up to No Good!!

Gatorade renounced their sponsorship of superstar athlete Tiger Woods, exactly one week after he apologized for his infamous sex scandal. It appears that Tiger is learning a very valuable lesson that all celebrities discover at one point in their careers – when you are at the top, everyone around you is cheering you on. The second one is that when you fall from grace, they will turn their backs and let the door kick you on your way out.

Personally, I think Tiger Woods had it coming and his apology was completely unsympathetic. The whole scene looked as though it was perfectly orchestrated by his entire public relations/ disaster recovery team. We hold celebrities, politicians, and other media figures at such a high regard, their mistakes (many of which we regular people commit) are astronomical. But that is the price they have to pay for living in the limelight. Tiger said something very interesting during his apology. He said that he did not believe that the rules applied to him; rightfully so.

What rules apply to celebrities that allow them to think that they can do whatever they want? Is it because money and power are inherently theirs and therefore they live by a different contact on life? Are they able to do whatever they want because they are somehow obliged by their fame to commit adultery without consequence?

What makes this more heart-wrenching is the fact that Tiger Woods had nothing to say to the poor women he manipulated. Don’t get me wrong, these women are just as guilty and repulsive in their own manner. It’s horrific that some of them are using this as a means of getting their 15 minutes and I am not sympathetic to their plight. Tiger really should have given them some sort of shout out though. It would have been the more gentlemanly thing to do.

All in all, adultery in the public eye is a messy thing. Tiger will have his comeback and after winning a few more PGA tours, all will be forgotten and forgiven.

Tiger Wood Sucks!

The other day I was browsing through channels, looking for something good to watch, and I caught Tiger Woods on TV reading his press release.

Now, if you've been living under a rock the last few months, then you might not know that he had a car accident. The accident lead to the discovery of Tiger Woods having affairs with many women and being a sex addict.

The media (which also suck... read my next post), of course, did their thing and tried to destroy Tiger Wood's good image.

Good Image? Tiger Woods only had a good boy image, and nothing else, no "Good Image", nothing "Good" about him.

I can't believe how he had so many followers! Sure, he was good at golf, but that's about it!

For those of you that don't know, he was rude to women, he was rude to restaurant workers, he was rude to store workers, he never tipped the waiters. He was just a big ass!

You'd think that as much money as he has would afford him some manners!

Worst thing of all, after watching Tiger Woods read his speech, I just had one thing to think:
He sucks even more (in my book)! His apology speech was totally false... just complete bullshit!... I've seen dogs acting better than him, and sticks with more emotion.

I just hope that he while he's down, he learns some manners, humilty and respect... something I doubt will happen.

Picture of the Day

Continuing my daily picture articles, I present you with today's picture:

Taken at the beach, this cute little Costa Rican monkey is one of the reasons of why it's so awesome to be here.

While I'm not too sure of the species, Mr. Monkey seemed to be 4 or 5 months old, very smart, and loves to eat bread, papaya, bananas... He's also a natural star and loved posing for all the cameras around him.

From what I've read, Costa Rica has 4 different native species of monkeys, more than most other latin american countries, except those with Amazonian rainforest, they are also one of the smartest animals of the animal kingdom and are one of the few ones that can see in color.

Want to know more about Costa Rican Monkeys? Click Here!

Musical Chairs or How I went to the Bank

Going to the bank in Costa Rica could be an often frustrating experience.
First of all, we have the big lines (see below)... followed by the sometimes hell-hot bank (many times, the AC doesn't work), and the fact that there are 15 bank teller windows and maybe just 3 tellers working.


I wish that Costa Rican banks would have kept the traditional stand-up lines that people have been doing for millenia, but instead they decided to implement a new system that instead of innovating fails miserably.

I understand the fact of the bank wanting clients to feel comfortable, but having them sit down and then moving them every minute or so, like a game of musical chairs, it's ridiculous! Just when I'm starting to feel comfortable, BANG!, move to the next chair... Why? I ask - I have no idea... but here's a little advice to the bank: If the innovation is worst than the problem, then it's not innovation and therefore, it should not be implemented.


Coming to think of it, and with all the chairs in the way, what would happen if there were a natural disaster, wouldn't the chairs prove a threat and obstacle for those wanting to exit the building or look for the safe zones...?

Maybe not... I guess that I'm just overwhelmed and frustrated about the bank experience, thier stupidity, inefficiency and lack of planning.

From now on, I'll be doing Internet Banking, thankyouverymuch!

Picture of the Day

As mentioned yesterday, I am decided to post an incredible/interesting picture every day and make that picture, the picture of the day...

And following my commitment I present you, Today's picture:

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica's most active volcano, lies in La Fortuna in San Carlos in front of the artificially created lake Arenal. Small eruptions are constant and could be daily, with displays of lava and ash, a true spectacle.

Arenal's biggest eruption was on July 29, 1968, where it buried a whole town killing seventy-eight people in the process.

Plan on visiting it? Well, book in advance! Hotels, Hostels and Inns in the area are usually occupied all year round.

Remember to bring some cash, because most shops and entertainment strips in the region are fairly pricy

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Home is where the heart is, and right now, my heart is in Costa Rica.

My beautiful mountain house has great views of the central valley, an awesome climate and besides that, it is conveniently located 30 minutes from the airport and less then 15 minutes from one of the biggest shopping malls in Costa Rica. Close to this mall we can also find Costa Rica's first IMax Theater, a world class hospital named CIMA and many designer stores such as Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Max Mara, Zara and more.

Best thing yet? The beach is less then an hour away! 

Are you jealous? Well, come down and visit. My house is your house.

Pictures of my house below:

Picture of the Day

Here's something that I plan on doing on a daily or almost daily basis. The "Picture of the Day".

Here, I will select the best or most interesting pictures I see, and post them, for all to see, with a little description of what's going on and why I like it.

Perhaps, at the end of each month, I will have a little poll where my friends and visitors can vote for picture of the month.

So, behold, today's Picture of the Day:

This picture is one of the many examples of why Costa Rica is paradise. 
Taken last year at Pochote Beach, which is close to Tambor and Montezuma , this warm afternoon sunset summarizes why I live here and don't want to go back.

A View From My Hammock

As I lay here on my hammock enjoying my view and the warm breeze over my skin, I think of my friends back home struggling through yet another snowstorm in Boston. 

I know what you went through, I too was one of you. I shoveled my car out of snow, scraped the ice off the windshield and tried not to cry as the sleet was whipped into my skin like tiny glass darts.

I blamed my parents. When they decided to come to the US, we could have settled in Hawaii, California, Arizona or anywhere else that is warm year round. 

“Hello we are from a tropical place we are not Eskimos but we decided to settle where we have blizzards and a hurricane season.” I never understood my parents for that. Why would anyone live in an area that has a hurricane or tornado season for that matter? Ah... The mysteries of life!

Here I am, now in Costa Rica where it is warm, the people are friendly and the living is easy. I think the Garden of Eden must have looked a lot like this. 


For Alan and all those who don’t understand why I moved to Costa Rica I just checked the weather. It's 33 degrees in Boston and 85 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

So do the math.

Now you know why I am in here!

I was eaten by a pack of wild dogs!!

That could have been the headline of my final blog.

Costa Rica has packs of wild dogs that roam the streets looking for food. They all have a mean and hungry look about them.

Anyway, I am strolling around my new neighborhood enjoying the peace and the beauty of my new home. I am lost in my thoughts when I notice one skinny mangy dog following me. You can see his ribs. I ignore him. I continue to walk. I look back now and SURPRISE! Now I've got two dogs and right out of the bushes comes a third dog...  I suddenly see two more dogs heading in the direction of the pack. I stop dead in my tracks clutching my Louis Vuitton bag to my chest. I think that if I run, all these dogs will run after me, knock me down and eat me. I start to walk slowly. The dogs follow slowly. As I am walking I look for a place where I can throw my Louis bag to safety. If I am to die so be it but Louis must be saved. I know Alan would have the bag sent to my mother... and that's something she could remember me by.

I continue walking pass a stone wall I know I can’t climb it but I can toss Louis to safety. Louis is safe over the wall! By now, the fear has left me and I am just filled with anger. If these dogs are going to eat me I will take some of them with me. I stop I turn around “okay you mangy hounds here I am!” I yell as I charge towards them screaming obscenities at the top my lungs. The dogs pause. The leader of this pack of hounds from hell looks at me as if to challenge but thinks about it twice when he sees the rage in my eyes, turns his tail and runs away with the other dogs following suit.

I retrieve my Louis Vuitton bag and walk home. Just another day in paradise.

Driving in Costa Rica is not for the Faint of Heart

The ride back from the ocean up and down the mountain on the dark two-lane road was an adventure mixed with laughter, cursing at the other drivers that got too close, sheer terror and lots of prayers. If you have ever rode on the super man rollercoaster at six flags or any good scary roller coaster then prepare for this as it IS scarier.

The drivers in Costa Rica are crazy. Ticos are great people, don't get me wrong, with warm hearts, kind and always willing to give you their last colon (which is worth nothing nontheless.. so it might not be so grand of a gesture) but they are crazy kamikaze drivers... just merge them into traffic and they will give you no quarter and drive you into a ditch. 

I don't care you if have to been Rome, Los Angles during rush hour or the running of bulls in Spain, Costa Rica beats all of the above.

And don't get me started about the traffic lights, street names and house numbers!!!

LOL, There is nothing to tell.
They don't have traffic lights, the streets don't have names and the houses don't have numbers.

Try to tell a cab driver your address when you don’t know the area you live in or how to go to your house; well you can't.

GPS? Nope. Doesn’t always work.

To get to my house, you must tell the cab driver to take a left at the rock that looks like a bear and a right at the bear that looks like a rock.

Think I'm kidding? You wish!

It's never a day at the beach in Costa Rica

I woke up early this morning, the sun shining into my bedroom.

I went to the window and part the curtains, looking out at the tree-covered mountains and, in the distance, the ocean. Ahhhh! Another beautiful day. I hear the sounds of stray dogs along the road; they are up early too, as always, looking for food.

I go downstairs and make a strong cup of coffee. I have things to do today. My best friend Alan is in town and I have promised to show him around my new home. Alan is nicest guy in the world, along with handsome and witty. He is also a natural comedian, and a very good listener. He is the kinda of guy you want to travel with...

Alan and I drive down to Jaco for a day of fun in the sun. Jaco is like most beach towns here, a single strip offering a combination of surf shops, head shops, and bars – the typical array catering to beach bums, stoners, and rich tourists searching for refugee in the beating sun. Alan wants to just sit and look at the Pacific Ocean, and that is fine with me. I love the Pacific. It is different from the Atlantic, more powerful somehow, more vast, an ocean that seems to dwarf its east coast counterpart in size and strength.

I leave him to his reverie and return to the strip, wandering through the shops and amusing myself with people-watching: the fast-talking hustlers looking for a mark, the wary locals folding their arms on
the spectacle: the pasty-faced, paunchy male tourists hoping to get lucky with a local girl.

Alan and I meet up later and sample a few of the local bars for drinks and  dinner. The food is good, but not great. When we receive the bill, it seems high; we examine it closely and discover that we have been charged for two meals we did not order or get. We call the manager over and explain the situation, but instead of being helpful and apologetic he is surly and rude.

After some back and forth, we get our money back amidst the manager’s grumblings. Goodbye and good riddance, we think, as we make our exit.

Not to worry – this mood doesn’t last – a bad mood never seems to last long in this place, and sure enough, we are having too good of a time to let this slow us down in any way.

We go to a local casino and gamble the night away. Casinos in Costa Rica are nothing like the casinos in the U.S. Here you will gamble all night using only 1000 colones (about $1.50 US) to pay your way – and on this visit I have a particularly good night, winning over $350 US; even Alan, not a gambler by any means, manages to win about $40. (At the start of the evening, Alan got 1,000 colones from the casino’s ATM, a transaction whose service charge probably cost him more than the worth of those colones! When I point this out to him he grumbles something about “stupid third world country,” and says he can’t wait to get back to “civilization.”). Naturally, the winning Americans require the casino staff to summon the owner, who has to get money out of a locked box to pay off just under $400 in winnings!

All in all, an enjoyable and very successful day in paradise!

Look for my next note from Costa Rica on the ride back to San Jose

A Post Card from Costa Rica

The cold month in Boston came and went real fast. I soooo hate the winter in  New England, but I am soooo glad to be back in Costa Rica. 

It so beautiful here. The weather is always perfect and people are incredibly friendly.

Within six months I moved from Boston, sold my belongings, and started a new journey and life. 

In all seriousness, my journey here has been in many ways: rewarding, interesting, enlightening, enthralling, exciting, and even frustrating........ But there is something about this place that gets under my skin.

For those of you who have never been here, it will be quite a site.  First of all, buildings are painted bright colors that have faded under the sun and rain. At one time you could tell that people tried to keep up the elements by painting the buildings yearly or more so. But that battle has been lost and the buildings are alive with faded colors.  A lot of areas need a power wash and a good coat of wax.

Yes, I know you are probably asking me why I went 3rd world?? Or live in a land without lobster when you could live in a land with lobster.

For all of you that ask that question... well...

...This is where my journey begins!

Insight of Boston Driving

I've lived in this city long enough to know that getting from one place to another by car is more than just the physical act of driving – in Boston it's a competitive sport. For newcomers, navigating here can be frustrating, even unnerving to the point of tears. (Seriously, I once came upon a traffic jam that I assumed was the result of a major accident, but which turned out to be nothing more than a single driver from Missouri who was paralyzed by Kenmore Square! The poor guy had pulled over and put his flashers on, and he was trying to ignore the angry drivers around him; he had a map spread across his steering wheel as a succession of locals blasted their horns at him! I felt bad for the guy, but truth be told, I also blasted my horn as I made my pass.)...

So let me offer a few insights about our ways behind the wheel.

Act as though you know where you're going, even if youre lost. This means driving at the speed of the cars around you, and yes, that will mean above the speed limit  – and if you miss your turn, DO NOT jam on your brakes and try to make it, even though you're well past it. Move along; find a place to turn around, and try again.

Drive like a badass, because everyone else does. This means NOT using turn signals, because – repeat after me – Turn signals are a sign of weakness, and badasses are not weak. Especially the female drivers.

Don't expect much from street signs, even if they suggest clarity and logic, because in Boston, signs are anything but clear or logical. Local lore has it that streets evolved out of cow paths. That’s probably true – and the colonists’ cows were apparently suffering from some sort of undiagnosed learning disorder. Best to navigate using the sun – oh, wait, that would assume that the sun is visible, and if you’ve spent any time here at all, you know that this is a very Irish city, right down to the climate. So don’t count on seeing the sun very much.

If you see metal tracks running down the center of the street, you need to remember that those tracks accommodate subway cars – and yes, those cars are large, unyielding and have VERY loud horns. So don't screw up anywhere near them.

Still feel like driving in Boston? No? Don't worry, if you don't feel like driving in Boston, don't worry, you can always take a taxi. Come to think of it, that's probably the best you could do: You won't be clogging up traffic, and our cabbies need the money.

The Brazilian Waxing Story by Manivone Khounviengsay

Once upon a time, there were seven Brazilian sisters. Their names were Jocely,Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia,  and they came to New York City. While they were there, they opened a day spa that specialized in waxing. Their mission and the reason why they risked everything to come to the United States was to help women be as smooth as their Brazilian sisters...

Getting waxed Brazilian style is basically having all the hair removed in your neither regions both front and back. You are left completely smooth . A look that works well with some of today's tiny bikini bottoms.

Brazilian wax is a salon procedure. You will never be able to reach all the nooks and crannies that an esthetician can. It's soo much better to have someone else going around you and insuring that you are and (that you) look perfect.

Brazilian Waxing = Popular + Power + Pleasure

While owning and managing Living Spa in Watertown, MA,  we averaged 300 Brazilian Waxing and Bikinis each month during the summer. As a fashion statement it has really taken off and it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down any time soon.
Getting waxed is one of those hidden female pleasures that even powerful women enjoy while feeling feminine under the power suit and taking on the big boys for control of the company or a merger.

With no doubt, a Brazilian will help you conquer the world.