A Post Card from Costa Rica

The cold month in Boston came and went real fast. I soooo hate the winter in  New England, but I am soooo glad to be back in Costa Rica. 

It so beautiful here. The weather is always perfect and people are incredibly friendly.

Within six months I moved from Boston, sold my belongings, and started a new journey and life. 

In all seriousness, my journey here has been in many ways: rewarding, interesting, enlightening, enthralling, exciting, and even frustrating........ But there is something about this place that gets under my skin.

For those of you who have never been here, it will be quite a site.  First of all, buildings are painted bright colors that have faded under the sun and rain. At one time you could tell that people tried to keep up the elements by painting the buildings yearly or more so. But that battle has been lost and the buildings are alive with faded colors.  A lot of areas need a power wash and a good coat of wax.

Yes, I know you are probably asking me why I went 3rd world?? Or live in a land without lobster when you could live in a land with lobster.

For all of you that ask that question... well...

...This is where my journey begins!


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