I was eaten by a pack of wild dogs!!

That could have been the headline of my final blog.

Costa Rica has packs of wild dogs that roam the streets looking for food. They all have a mean and hungry look about them.

Anyway, I am strolling around my new neighborhood enjoying the peace and the beauty of my new home. I am lost in my thoughts when I notice one skinny mangy dog following me. You can see his ribs. I ignore him. I continue to walk. I look back now and SURPRISE! Now I've got two dogs and right out of the bushes comes a third dog...  I suddenly see two more dogs heading in the direction of the pack. I stop dead in my tracks clutching my Louis Vuitton bag to my chest. I think that if I run, all these dogs will run after me, knock me down and eat me. I start to walk slowly. The dogs follow slowly. As I am walking I look for a place where I can throw my Louis bag to safety. If I am to die so be it but Louis must be saved. I know Alan would have the bag sent to my mother... and that's something she could remember me by.

I continue walking pass a stone wall I know I can’t climb it but I can toss Louis to safety. Louis is safe over the wall! By now, the fear has left me and I am just filled with anger. If these dogs are going to eat me I will take some of them with me. I stop I turn around “okay you mangy hounds here I am!” I yell as I charge towards them screaming obscenities at the top my lungs. The dogs pause. The leader of this pack of hounds from hell looks at me as if to challenge but thinks about it twice when he sees the rage in my eyes, turns his tail and runs away with the other dogs following suit.

I retrieve my Louis Vuitton bag and walk home. Just another day in paradise.


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