A View From My Hammock

As I lay here on my hammock enjoying my view and the warm breeze over my skin, I think of my friends back home struggling through yet another snowstorm in Boston. 

I know what you went through, I too was one of you. I shoveled my car out of snow, scraped the ice off the windshield and tried not to cry as the sleet was whipped into my skin like tiny glass darts.

I blamed my parents. When they decided to come to the US, we could have settled in Hawaii, California, Arizona or anywhere else that is warm year round. 

“Hello we are from a tropical place we are not Eskimos but we decided to settle where we have blizzards and a hurricane season.” I never understood my parents for that. Why would anyone live in an area that has a hurricane or tornado season for that matter? Ah... The mysteries of life!

Here I am, now in Costa Rica where it is warm, the people are friendly and the living is easy. I think the Garden of Eden must have looked a lot like this. 


For Alan and all those who don’t understand why I moved to Costa Rica I just checked the weather. It's 33 degrees in Boston and 85 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

So do the math.

Now you know why I am in here!


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