Tiger Woods, Up to No Good!!

Gatorade renounced their sponsorship of superstar athlete Tiger Woods, exactly one week after he apologized for his infamous sex scandal. It appears that Tiger is learning a very valuable lesson that all celebrities discover at one point in their careers – when you are at the top, everyone around you is cheering you on. The second one is that when you fall from grace, they will turn their backs and let the door kick you on your way out.

Personally, I think Tiger Woods had it coming and his apology was completely unsympathetic. The whole scene looked as though it was perfectly orchestrated by his entire public relations/ disaster recovery team. We hold celebrities, politicians, and other media figures at such a high regard, their mistakes (many of which we regular people commit) are astronomical. But that is the price they have to pay for living in the limelight. Tiger said something very interesting during his apology. He said that he did not believe that the rules applied to him; rightfully so.

What rules apply to celebrities that allow them to think that they can do whatever they want? Is it because money and power are inherently theirs and therefore they live by a different contact on life? Are they able to do whatever they want because they are somehow obliged by their fame to commit adultery without consequence?

What makes this more heart-wrenching is the fact that Tiger Woods had nothing to say to the poor women he manipulated. Don’t get me wrong, these women are just as guilty and repulsive in their own manner. It’s horrific that some of them are using this as a means of getting their 15 minutes and I am not sympathetic to their plight. Tiger really should have given them some sort of shout out though. It would have been the more gentlemanly thing to do.

All in all, adultery in the public eye is a messy thing. Tiger will have his comeback and after winning a few more PGA tours, all will be forgotten and forgiven.


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